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When you've fallen down a rabbit hole!

Hello Loves.

I've been feeling a bit stuck lately, do you know this feeling? Where you know that things are shifting in a different direction but you are not quite sure about the whys, whats, how's and when? I'll always work with women around their drinking and advocate an alcohol-free lifestyle but i feel like i have so much more to share with people and can help to change their lives in other ways too. So changes are coming and things are shifting but when you don't have a clear plan and you feel a bit out of control, how do we learn to just trust and go with the Ebb and Flow?

Feeling stuck is a universal experience, you feel like you are standing at a crossroads without any signposts. In these moments, we often find ourselves looking up at the stars, hoping for a nudge or whisper from the universe to guide us on our path. Even asking, what the hell am i supposed to do now?

This sense of waiting for direction, for that cosmic signal, can be both a source of frustration and a silent teacher of patience. It's a reminder that sometimes, the universe wants us to pause, reflect, and truly listen before we take our next steps.

But why can't life always be amazing? Why can't things always be easy? It's a question that echoes in the minds of us all. The truth is, life is full of different experiences, we all go through joy, sorrow, love, loss, success, and failure. Although we can do our best to ensure that we have the best environment for ourselves externally and internally we all sometimes hit these points where we just think............... "what the fuck".

When i first stopped drinking i thought it was the answer to all my prayers. I felt amazing and my life was great in every way. I couldn't believe that i had spent the last 20 years letting this liquid control me and now i felt a freedom i had never felt before. And that is all still true to a point but even when we have done our best to help ourselves we can still find ourselves in a place of stagnancy. We move forward and things are constantly changing...... it's a good thing. The truth is i have used many different things to improve my life since i stopped drinking and some i was using before i stopped. Every one of them has played an important role in my journey.

These contrasting experiences are what give life its depth, teaching us resilience, empathy, and the true value of happiness. Without the valleys, the peaks would not feel as exhilarating; without the rain, we wouldn't cherish the warmth of the sun. It's in the moments of struggle that we often find our greatest strengths and learn the most about ourselves.

Embracing the uncertainty of which direction to go in is not a sign of weakness, but rather an act of courage. It requires us to trust in the journey, even when the destination is unclear. While the universe may seem silent at times, it's in those quiet moments that we can hear our own voice the clearest. So, if you find yourself feeling stuck, remember that it's okay to pause, to wait for your sign, and to trust that eventually, you will find your way. Life can't always be amazing, but it's the contrast that makes the journey meaningful, pushing us to grow, to dream, and to evolve into the best versions of ourselves.

It can often seem like others have got everything they want and their lives are easier than ours but this is just simply not the case. Everyone you meet will be navigating their own way and comparing ourselves to others is one of the most unhelpful things we can do.

Living our own lives, trusting that we are exactly where we need to be and learning how to use our own gut feelings and instincts is where contentment lies. If you are standing at the crossroads wondering where life is meant to go for you then take a step back and listen. Look out for those subtle nudges letting us know that we are going in the right direction and try not to worry too much about the future because you might miss something that is in the here and now.

Much Love,

Gem xxx


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I'm Gemma.

As an Alcohol and Mindset Coach i love working with amazing ladies that want to change their relationship with drinking, take back their power and design a life they do not need to numb or escape from. 

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