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Rise above Alcohol Related Shame


Women and Overcoming Drinking Shame

Ladies, let's have a heart-to-heart about something that's been swirling around in our minds for far too long – the shame many women feel around their relationship with alcohol. It's time to uncork this conversation and pour out some truth (with a splash of humour, of course)!

Picture this: You're out with friends, and the pressure to drink is real. But deep down, you know that alcohol isn't your friend anymore. Instead of feeling liberated and free you feel trapped by society's expectations and your own inner battles.

But why should we feel ashamed for making a choice that's best for us?

Let's peel back the label on this bottle of shame and take a closer look at what's really inside. More often than not, it's not our decision to not drink that's the problem – it's society's insistence that alcohol is the only way to have a good time. We're bombarded with images of glamorous parties and carefree nights, but what they don't show is the morning-after regret or the toll it takes on our mental and physical health.

The truth is, there's no shame in choosing not to drink – whether it's for a night, a month, or a lifetime. So, why do we let society's judgment rain on our parade? It's time to stand tall (or sit and chill, whichever you prefer) and say, "Cheers to me, and cheers to my right to choose not to drink!"

But here's the shitter – the shame around women and drinking doesn't just stop at the bar. It follows us home like a persistent hangover, whispering in our ears as we navigate social situations and face our inner demons. It's like having a tiny but powerfully convincing and judgmental voice in our heads saying, "Shouldn't you be having fun? Or fitting in? Or numbing your emotions?"

But guess what? We need to tell that voice to fuck the hell off – preferably to the nearest blackhole where it can shout its judgments into the void.

Because here's the bottom line:

We're allowed to live our lives on our own terms, free from the shackles of societal expectations and cultural norms.

So, let's raise a glasses and whatever the hell WE CHOOSE to put in them to breaking free from the shame, toasting to our right to live authentically, and embracing our own unique journey towards alcohol-free living.

Because when it comes down to it, the only thing we should feel ashamed of is not being true to ourselves. Cheers to that, my beautiful warrior women on the path to creating a better life for yourselves!

All the Love

Gem xxx


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I'm Gemma.

As an Alcohol and Mindset Coach i love working with amazing ladies that want to change their relationship with drinking, take back their power and design a life they do not need to numb or escape from. 

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