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Do you want to change your Life?! Whether you want to find more Balance, connect back to yourself, change your relationship with alcohol and take back your power, we can create a life that you don't feel like you want to escape from ?

I work with amazing woman all over the world who are strong, successful and empowered but just can't seem to find time for for self care, have lost that connection to themselves and who they used to be or have to try hard to control their drinking and help them live the life they truly desire. It is so easy to fall into a habit of putting our own needs last and lets not forget the grey area drinking trap where we don't fit any of the labels that society gives a drinker but our drinking is causing us concern. If his is you and you want to see how amazing life can be without having to make major changes or you like to dip your toe into what alcohol-free living is all about then let's chat!

If you want to step into your power and manifest the life of your dreams then join The Alchemy Gem or take a look at my 1-1 Coaching  as these two places are where the real magic happens. 

Sober gem is at a public speaking event where she is talking about the effects of alcohol on women and how women can change their life by becoming alcohol free. She is stood in front of lots of people with a presentation and telling them her story and how they can change their life too. Sober gem is laughing with her audience and has a blazer
"The goal isn't to be perfect . The goal is to love yourself so much that you don't care that you're not

 Gem xx

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