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The Alchemy Gem


Hey! I'm Gemma


I am an IPHM Accredited Women's Aligned Lifestyle Coach, Energy healer, Trauma-Conscious Yin yoga facilitator and Beginners Yoga  Teacher Accredited with Yoga Alliance. 

Passionate about assisting Women to achieve Inner Alchemy, Self Love, Balance and a new love for life i am an advocate for all things holistic and have a client centred approach to all my sessions. 

Yin yoga started me off on my journey helping me to go inward and start to really get to know me! Closely followed by my decision to 'take a break' from drinking Alcohol (hardest thing i've ever done to date but the most worth while). After taking away Alcohol everything else just seems to flow and before i knew it i was a qualified Coach, a Reiki Master, a Yin yoga and Beginners Yoga facilitator. I offer Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, Mindfulness, Lunar Living, Manifestation, Law of Attraction and so much more! This is just so magical and effective in calling in your wildest dreams and desires and working with a Coach like me allows you to realise that you deserve all that you have ever dreamed of and more!!


Let's quickly address the drinking thing. Just to be clear, I was not an Alcoholic. I hate that word and believe it keeps thousands of people stuck in a toxic relationship with Alcohol because they don't fit a certain label so therefore can't be bad enough to have to think about not drinking! There's a massive grey area of problematic drinking and that is where i help so many women take back their power!


I was a heavy drinker for years though and now I help other women turn their life around like I have and become empowered by their own decision to not drink alcohol. Back when I was drinking every day I was ashamed and felt alone. It felt like I was the only women and mum in the world that couldn't control my drinking. I would wish that I could be like all the other mums who seemed to have their shit together and were able to drink 'normally'.


Persuaded by society that I was the problem and should be able to control myself I spent many miserable years stuck in drinking hell, stopping for months here and there but always going back to the same level of drinking as before. 2019 saw me hit my own personal rock bottom, riddled with anxiety and self hate.

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My Story

In January 2020 I decided enough was enough and set myself a challenge of 100 days without drinking and the rest, as they say, is history.


Was it easy? No


Was it totally worth it? 100%


In 2021 I completed a Coaching Diploma and now i work with Women all over the world, who want to shift from burn out and overwhelm to find balance and self importance in their lives again. Whether it's their relationship with Alcohol, themselves, their work/life balance. Mums who have lost themselves bringing up their children or building a business.


I am a mum of 4 wonderfully energy sucking children. I get it, its both mentally and physically exhausting but the best job in the world at the same time. What an emotional head fuck hey. haha

I also have my own business....2 actually so know how easy it is to get sucked into burn out and self destruction!

That's why i'm so passionate about this! What do my clients want to achieve and how can we get there with as much love, kindness and compassion with a dash of tough love and straight talk. I am not the kind of girl that says what i think you want to here because wheres the authenticity in that?

My work with women around emotional =detachments such as Alcohol, Food etc does not require the constant use of willpower....why?? Because Willpower runs out!!

They Choose not to drink instead of relying on willpower and hope. They take control of their life and find themselves again.


I have been on an amazing journey of self discovery and spirituality since I chose to take Alcohol out of my life and I love to shine my light for others who want to do the same 


Feeling Liberated in your own body and mind is the best gift you could ever give to yourself and one that I would love to help you achieve.

Much love Gem xx


Working with a coach is like having your very own cheerleader with you all the way. Celebrating your wins and challenging you to be the best version of yourself. Helping to look at things from a new perspective and really digging deep through all of the beliefs that have been holding you back for so long.​


There are times when you will want to give up but having a coach to lean on is, in my opinion, invaluable. ​I offer support, motivation, guidance if you want it, and above all, I have lived it. ​As a coach I can relate to your situation and empathise with the challenges you face. ​


Living a life of inner Alchemy and authenticity is the best gift I ever gave myself and I love helping other women gain clarity and freedom to choose the lives they deserve to live. Full of their own little bit of sparkle and magic. ​A life that they can show up too and are fully present in every day. ​Are you ready to up level your life so that you don't need to use Alcohol to numb from it? ​​

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